Our firm has been a long standing member and supporter of the International Trademark Association (INTA). We have participated on several committees in a leadership capacity: Treaty Analysis Committee for OAPI/ ARIPO and TOPC subcommittee on Africa Trade Mark Office Relations. We have contributed to several INTA publications, including, The INTA Bulletin; Country Guides; and Opposition and Cancellations. We have served as speaker and moderator at INTA Annual Meetings. Mrs. Kahari currently serves on the INTA Board of Directors and is a member of the Executive Committee.


We have participated as an expert lecturer in WIPO programmes for training, education seminars and workshops for Registrars in a number of African States, including Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe as well as guest speaker at Colloquium for Judges in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. Mrs. Kahari serves as adjunct professor and member of the Board for the Masters in Intellectual Property (MIP) Degree at Africa University (AU). The MIP is jointly sponsored by WIPO Academy/ ARIPO and AU. She is a Lecturer/ Tutor for the WIPO Academy online course for Brands and Trademarks.


We are a member of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) which is an alliance of independent law firms located in 80 countries with expertise and experience in advertising, marketing and promotion law. Through this unique international network of exceptionally qualified advertising lawyers, we are able to obtain valuable information and solutions to advertising and marketing legal issues thereby better serving our clients in telecommunications, advertising and marketing law related to retail businesses and publications as well as other media. As a member of GALA for Zimbabwe, we have contributed to the following GALA publications on advertising and marketing law: Advertising Law: a Global Legal Perspective; Alcohol Advertising; Global Self Regulation; Green Marketing; and Social Media. The publications are available through or request a copy from the GALA website.


The Association of European Attorneys, (AEA) is comprised of Members from 193 countries which are part of the United Nations and also Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine. The network was founded in the European Union and initially involved European lawyers; however, it continued to expand and now includes lawyers worldwide in America, Asia and Africa. The Association has strict standards in selection of its member firms, requiring uniform quality standards competency and diligence and also unimpeachable ethics and deontology to which all members must adhere. Through our membership in AEA we are able to share information on judicial decisions and precedents, current developments in legislation and regulations and recent trends and practices for businesses, particularly related to international commercial transactions for the mutual benefit of our clients.