The Firm’s founder, Mrs. Brenda Kahari, is a graduate of University of Dayton (BA), Howard University Law Center (JD) (cum laude) and Georgetown University Law Center (LLM). Her dissertation for the Master in International Comparative Law degree at Georgetown was “Patent Systems in English Speaking Africa”. She started her profession as an Associate Attorney at Squire Sanders & Dempsey where she was selected to participate in the National Institute of Trial Advocacy at Boulder, Colorado, USA. Later she joined the Potomac Electric Power Company as Associate Counsel where she participated in the professional exchange programme with Tokyo Electric Power Company in Japan and published her experience in the Public Utilities Fortnightly magazine in an article “Energy Use Management and the Japanese Legal System”. She is a member of the Ohio Bar, the District of Columbia Bar and a Member of the US Supreme Court in the USA. She became a member of the Law Society in Zimbabwe in 1983 and later a Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of International Arbitrators, UK.

She established her practice in 1986 after working for several years as a senior legal advisor and legislative drafter for the Ministry of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in Zimbabwe where she participated in the Commonwealth Secretariat of the United Kingdom course for legislative drafting and earned the Diploma for Legislative Drafting. She was appointed to the Legislative Drafting Committee for the Constitutional Commission for the first proposed amendments to the Constitution of Zimbabwe in 1999.

Since its beginning the Firm has focused its practice on intellectual property and commercial transactions. Mrs. Kahari is a regular speaker/ lecturer on topics related to intellectual property for several institutions including the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the International Trademark Association (INTA) and the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO). She is a Member of the Steering Committee (Board) for the Master in Intellectual Property (MIP) Degree at Africa University which is sponsored by WIPO, ARIPO and Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe. As an expert for WIPO Academy, she has been a guest speaker at Judicial Colloquiums on Intellectual property and events in several African States, including Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe. She is a tutor in the MIP programme as well as the Distance Learning courses for WIPO Academy. She has written articles and contributed to various publications: the INTA Bulletin; Country Guides; Opposition and cancellations (online publications); Worldwide Trademark Transfers and Assignments; Trademarks Throughout the World; articles to Mondaq Publication on regional systems for intellectual property protection in Africa as well as articles for the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) on intellectual property, brands and advertising. The Trademark Offices Practice Committee (TOPC), Subcommittee on Africa Trade Mark Office Relations, chaired by Mrs. Kahari, was designated by INTA to take the lead when it launched the INTA Initiative Africa Rising in 2012. She was appointed in 2014 to the Presidential Task Force on Building Bridges and in 2015 as the Co-Chair for Africa Forum 2016. She was appointed to a three year terms as a member of the Board of Directors of INTA commencing January 2015.

 After an illustrious career in government and the private sector, Muzanenhamo Eric Kahari, spouse of Mrs. Kahari, joined the firm in 2001 as its Managing Partner. Mr. Kahari, a graduate of Wilberforce University (BA) and Cleveland Marshall Law School (JD), was a Member of the Ohio Bar and practiced law in Cleveland, Ohio. Upon returning to Zimbabwe at independence in 1980, he was appointed by the President as Deputy Chief Registrar of Deeds, Companies and Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright and Industrial Property. He was promoted to Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and later, because of his considerable experience in the US insurance industry and legal skills, he was seconded by the Minister of Finance to establish the Zimbabwe Reinsurance Corporation and later the Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Corporation. After successfully setting up the corporations, he was invited to become Managing Director of Lion of Zimbabwe Insurance Company, a subsidiary to the Guardian Royal Exchange UK [later the Guardian National Insurance of South Africa]. After several years as MD of Lion, he engineered the only successful merger of two top insurance companies in Zimbabwe. He became known as a guru in the insurance industry in Zimbabwe and other African States. As an entrepreneur, he was part owner in several companies including Modus Publication [the publishers of the Financial Gazette and other publications]; Chairman, Deputy Chairman and/ or member of the Board of several top companies, including Rio Zim Mining, OK Zimbabwe Limited, Delta Corporation, Cell Insurance and others. Because of his considerable experience and the manner in which he conducted himself with integrity and honesty, he was known as a ‘gentleman’s gentleman’. Sadly he died in 2009. However, the firm continues to benefit from the goodwill he created. We continue to provide legal representation to the companies which he served and have expanded our client base because of his legacy.